Types of Jewelry for Dogs

"Yes, I am proud to be a canine diva!"
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When adorable clothes just aren’t enough to dress up your dog, it’s time to add a little bling. While studded collars with gemstones are one option, the world of doggie jewelry expands to include just about everything you might find in your own jewelry box.


Your little canine princess doesn’t have to go without her crown. Gemstone covered tiaras and crowns designed just for dogs allow your little princess to show off her royalty. If your dog is too rambunctious to keep a traditional tiara on her head, have no fear. Barrettes shaped like tiaras allow you to gather hair and clip the tiara right at the top of her head.

Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets

For a night on the town, your wardrobe may include a matching set that includes an attention-grabbing necklace, bracelets or even anklets. For those holiday parties or a hot date at the doggie park, your princess can show off the sparkle too. Necklaces and anklets made of various crystals, beads and charms slip or clip on with ease. Just remember, those anklets will draw attention to her toes, so a splash of nail polish may be a good idea too.


When talking about jewelry, you can’t forget the ears. While many grooming boutiques offer dog piercing, this is not necessary. Nontoxic, nonlatex glue allows you to stick crystal earrings on your pooch. The glue keeps the earring in place for up to three weeks or, with a little baby oil, you can remove the earrings after the special event.

Remember Safety Over Beauty

While some dog’s love showing off their bling, not all dogs are quick to jump on the jewelry bandwagon. As a dog owner, safety must be your first consideration. Supervise your dog at all times when they are wearing jewelry to ensure they do not chew or swallow any pieces that could cause injury. Excessive scratching to try to remove jewelry can result in irritated or damaged skin, which can lead to infection. If your pet is not happy about wearing jewelry, maybe she feels her natural beauty is enough.

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