Short Hair Styles for Schnauzers

Schnauzer hairstyles can be customized.
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Schnauzers look great in short haircuts, and you can choose a look to customize your pup's style. The breed is double-coated with a wiry outer coat that requires clipping or stripping though, so it's best to have him groomed professionally.

The Schnauzer Look

The traditional schnauzer cut is manageable even if you'd like a short, carefree look for your pup. The neck, body and tail are clipped close to the skin for this cut with a short fringe, called a skirt, on the belly. The legs are left slightly longer to look full and fluffy. The top of his skull is clipped short and the hair above his eyes trimmed to leave shorter eyebrows, but his muzzle and beard are left longer for the typical schnauzer look. You can choose the length you'd like for your schnauzer's beard. It must be kept long for the show ring, but if you don't show your dog, you might prefer the beard short to avoid the inevitable dripping after a drink of water.

Puppy Cut

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The puppy cut is not just for puppies. It's popular because of its easy upkeep and universal look. The dog's coat is clipped the same length all over his body and legs, with his face trimmed to a traditional schnauzer style. There is no defined skirt left on the belly. The hair on his body is roughly an inch longer than it is for a schnauzer cut and shows off his wavy, wiry coat texture.

Schnauzer Style Variations

The schnauzer look is quite flexible and can be tailored to your choice and your dog's comfort. Some schnauzers are shaved closely all over the body, legs and face, or left with very short facial furnishings. Others' coats are left a bit longer with the furnishings on the legs lightly trimmed. The dog can be clipped closely with a skirt and beard to keep the schnauzer look. Ask your groomer to experiment with different looks to find the one you like best.

Coat Care

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Even if your schnauzer is clipped closely, his coat needs regular care. Schnauzer hair doesn't shed, so it tends to mat and knot more easily. Arm yourself with a pin brush made for dogs, a slicker brush and a comb. Brush your dog several times a week with the pin brush, then comb the coat to gently remove any tangles. Use a slicker brush where his coat is full or thick. Use a spray conditioner for easier removal of mats.

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