How to Groom a Shorkie

Shorkies resemble their Yorkie cousins.
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The Shorkie, a cross between the Chinese Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire terrier, has long soft fur that frames her little face and creates a plume at the end of her perky tail. Your pristine pooch won’t shed much, but keeping her fashionably fab will require daily grooming.

At-Home Grooming Maintenance

Step 1

Brush your Shorkie's naturally long fur once or twice a day with a small slicker brush to keep it snarl-free. Use gentle strokes, starting at the tips of her fur and working your way up.

Step 2

Spritz the slicker brush lightly with a detangling spray to make daily grooming easier. Antistatic grooming sprays are available from groomers and pet supply stores.

Step 3

Brush the long fur between and over the eyes upward, secure it with a soft band and affix a tiny bow to complete the delightful 'do. You can do this at home, but ask your groomer for instructions before you try it.

Step 4

Bathe your Shorkie no more than once a month unless she's dirty. Use a conditioning shampoo made for dogs; human shampoos are too harsh and can irritate her sensitive skin. Choose a no-tears dog shampoo for washing her facial fur.

Step 5

Rinse thoroughly after shampooing and apply a leave-in conditioner to reduce tangles. Even a tiny bit of residual shampoo left in her fur can cause dryness and itching.

Step 6

Snuggle her in a warm absorbent towel to remove most of the moisture and use a dog dryer and a rounded-bristle brush to dry and detangle her fur. Work with care, tugging on snarls hurts.

Step 7

Wipe the fur around your Shorkie's eyes daily with hypoallergenic dog eye wipes to prevent tearstains. Tearing is common in this breed.

Step 8

Schedule professional grooming appointments every six to eight weeks for nail clipping, ear-hair plucking and coat-trimming, if desired.

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