How to Groom a Shorkie

Shorkies resemble their Yorkie cousins.

Shorkies resemble their Yorkie cousins.

The Shorkie, a cross between the Chinese Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire terrier, has long soft fur that frames her little face and creates a plume at the end of her perky tail. Your pristine pooch won’t shed much, but keeping her fashionably fab will require daily grooming.

At-Home Grooming Maintenance

Brush your Shorkie's naturally long fur once or twice a day with a small slicker brush to keep it snarl-free. Use gentle strokes, starting at the tips of her fur and working your way up.

Spritz the slicker brush lightly with a detangling spray to make daily grooming easier. Antistatic grooming sprays are available from groomers and pet supply stores.

Brush the long fur between and over the eyes upward, secure it with a soft band and affix a tiny bow to complete the delightful 'do. You can do this at home, but ask your groomer for instructions before you try it.

Bathe your Shorkie no more than once a month unless she's dirty. Use a conditioning shampoo made for dogs; human shampoos are too harsh and can irritate her sensitive skin. Choose a no-tears dog shampoo for washing her facial fur.

Rinse thoroughly after shampooing and apply a leave-in conditioner to reduce tangles. Even a tiny bit of residual shampoo left in her fur can cause dryness and itching.

Snuggle her in a warm absorbent towel to remove most of the moisture and use a dog dryer and a rounded-bristle brush to dry and detangle her fur. Work with care, tugging on snarls hurts.

Wipe the fur around your Shorkie's eyes daily with hypoallergenic dog eye wipes to prevent tearstains. Tearing is common in this breed.

Schedule professional grooming appointments every six to eight weeks for nail clipping, ear-hair plucking and coat-trimming, if desired.

Items you will need

  • Small slicker brush
  • Conditioning dog shampoo
  • No-tears dog shampoo
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Dog dryer
  • Rounded bristle brush
  • No-tangle fur band
  • Colorful bows
  • Eye wipes


  • If your Shorkie plays outdoors frequently, regular coat trimmings will reduce the likelihood of picking up weeds and seeds, which can quickly lead to matted fur.
  • Ask your groomer for a “puppy cut” that features all-over trimming of the fur to 1 to 2 inches long, making it more manageable.
  • Shorkies look delightful sporting “Westie cuts” that feature short body fur but longer facial hair.

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