How to Restrain a Yorkie for Her Haircut

Getting your Yorkie to hold still for a time-consuming styling can take effort even with the use of a restraint.
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Grooming your Yorkie should not be a battle, and you should not have to put your dog in the canine equivalent of a straight jacket to get her hair trimmed. The use of simple restraints and properly training your dog to be groomed can significantly reduce her attempts to escape you while you're trying to cut her hair. Teaching your dog to relax will improve the appearance of the haircut as well, since wiggling at the hairdressers tends to lead to sloppy looking trims.

Step 1

Purchase a professional quality grooming restraint. Tethers that keep your dog in the bath tub while you wash her work well for keeping her in the tub as long as you do not leave the lead on it long enough that she risks jumping out of the tub and hanging herself over the side. Most basic restrain systems attach to the wall and feature a leash/collar combination that applies pressure when your dog attempts to escape. You can purchase restraints for your Yorkie online or from pet stores.

Step 2

Prepare an area to use for grooming your Yorkie and set up your restraints. Professional groomers have specialized equipment for bathing and restraining dogs but it is unlikely that you want to set up a grooming salon with all the bells and whistles in your home, so just use the bathroom. A detachable spray nozzle on your shower will come in handy if you have one, as will a shower bar and a nice, wide open floor or counter. Note that if you decide to use your counter to groom your Yorkie you will have to make sure she cannot fall or jump off.

Step 3

Fasten your Yorkie into the grooming restraints and groom her as necessary. Make sure that she is reasonably relaxed during grooming and try to make it a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

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