Shih Tzu Hair Cuts & Styles

Your Shih Tzu looks cute whether her coat is long or short.
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Although commonly seen with long, flowing hair, the Shih Tzu's double-layered coat offers big possibilities for numerous types of haircuts and styles. Whether you prefer your pup look sophisticated and regal or practical and comfortable, you'll no doubt find a hairstyle that works for you both.

Long and Flowing

Bringing to mind images of Rapunzel and her long, flowing locks, your Shih Tzu can let her hair down and keep it long. Typically called the show cut, as this is the only permitted style for dog shows, your pooch seems to float in her straight, floor-length coat. This beauty comes at a cost, and requires daily brushing and regular baths to keep it clean and tangle-free.

You Look Marvelous

Never let it be said that your Shih Tzu can't do a thing with her hair. Pups with long coats have plenty of opportunity to spruce up their look, using fashionable hair accessories. Show dogs usually sport a top knot in the ring, with their head hair pulled up into a single ponytail fastened at the top of their head. Your little girl can impress and captivate in pigtails and braids, topped off with bows and ribbon.

Short and Simple

If your pooch is more practical than princess, long hair may pose more a nuisance than it's worth. A shorter cut may work better for her, often called a puppy or pet cut. Have your groomer trim all her hair down to a uniform length, ranging from less than an inch to a few inches long. This style greatly reduces the amount of home grooming necessary, requiring only a brushing a few times a week as opposed to every day like a long coat needs.

Get Creative

Giving your Shih Tzu a puppy cut doesn't have to mean short all over. Leave some length on her head to give her a more rounded face, resulting in a teddy bear look. Have her mustache and beard trimmed shorter but leave her ears longer to give the impression of a bob hairstyle. Add some bows to make pigtails. Leave a little hair on top to braid or pull into a little top-knot, complete with ribbon.

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