How to Keep Yorkie Coats

Proper grooming will keep your Yorkie's hair long and smooth.

Proper grooming will keep your Yorkie's hair long and smooth.

Yorkies, officially known as Yorkshire terriers, are small dogs noted for their long, silky hair. A Yorkie’s coat is unlike that of any other breed, with a consistency very similar to that of human hair. These little dogs need special grooming to keep their hair sleek, shiny and manageable.

Spray the dog’s hair with a leave-in coat conditioner. Yorkies have thin, soft hair that tangles easily, and a quick spritz of conditioner loosens mats and makes brushing quick and painless.

Brush the dog gently with a boar-bristle brush. These remove tangles without breaking your Yorkie’s fine, thin hairs. Start with the long hair on the dog’s face, brushing behind her ears and under her chin to remove bits of food that might be stuck there.

Part the hair straight down the dog’s spine and brush the hair down her left and right sides. (The Yorkie is one of the only breeds to be groomed with this parted coat, making distinguishing it from other terrier types easy.) Brush the dog’s chest and belly, working carefully to prevent scratching her skin with the brush.

Bathe your dog once a week. The Yorkie’s hair is so fine that excessive skin oil will make her look greasy and dirty if you don’t bathe her often. Line the bottom of your sink with a towel to keep your dog from slipping, and set the dog on the towel. Wet the dog’s hair and squirt a little soap along her back. Rub the soap all over her body, being careful to avoid her eyes. Rinse away all traces of soap with clean water.

Lift the dog from the sink, and squeeze the water from her coat with a dry towel. Turn your hair dryer down to the coolest heat setting possible, and blow-dry your Yorkie. Brush her hair as you blow-dry, to straighten the hair and encourage her coat to lie flat.

Items you will need

  • Coat conditioner
  • Boar-bristle brush
  • Towel
  • Dog shampoo
  • Hair dryer


  • Never shave your Yorkie. Her long, flowing hair is her trademark, and shaving can cause it to look rough and harsh.

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