How to Moisturize a Yorkie's Coat

Long coats require the greatest care and moisture.
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Yorkshire terriers are known for gleaming, silky coats that don't shed. The down side of not shedding, however, is that their hair dries and splits, just as it does in humans. Regularly brushing and moisturizing your yorkie's coat will prevent split ends from turning silky hair brittle.

Step 1

Bathe your yorkie using a gentle moisturizing shampoo and rinse your pup thoroughly. Don't comb moisturizing oil through dirty hair, as it will make your yorkie look greasy and stringy, not silky. Allow her to shake off the excess moisture before wrapping her up snugly in a thick towel. Her hair should be slightly damp, but not dry. Removing the excess moisture from her hair allows the strands to absorb the moisturizing oil. Skip this step if you've bathed your pup in the past three or four days.

Step 2

Mist your yorkie's coat lightly with a small spray bottle of olive oil or coat oil. Hold the spray bottle 6 inches above your pup and spray one shot in the middle of her back for light but even coverage. Move your fingers through her hair as the mist falls so the oil reaches beneath the surface of her coat. If your yorkie's hair is more than 3 inches long, focus on misting the ends of her coat, where dry hair is most likely to split. The oil seals the existing moisture in her hair while protecting it from future breaking.

Step 3

Brush the oil gently through your yorkie's hair using a boar bristle brush. The small bristles will distribute the oil through her hair while removing any tangles that developed during her bath. Imagine a line that runs lengthwise down your yorkie's back. Begin on one side by brushing in a gentle downward motion from root to tip. Repeat on the opposite side. Dry your dog's hair with a blow dryer to give it an extra silky finish.

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