How to Tie a Topknot on a Yorkshire Terrier

Clip a tiny bow to the topknot for extra flare.
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Originally designed to keep the long, silky hair off the faces of Yorkshire terrier in the show ring, a topknot is a trendy display for all Yorkies with medium to long coats. Because your Yorkie has a delicate single coat, extra care is required when brushing and styling with elastics or bows.

Step 1

Section off the hair needed for your Yorkie's topknot using the end of a fine-toothed comb. A topknot sits equidistant between your Yorkie's ears, so gather the 1 1/2 inches of hair ahead and behind this midpoint. Comb the gathered section straight up, as though you were making a ponytail, and add a few drops of dog styling gel for an extra smooth finish.

Step 2

Hold the gathered hair three inches about your Yorkie's head with your fingers. Create the classic Yorkie topknot pouf by maintaining your grip on her hair and moving your hand 1/2 inch closer to her head. Secure a small latex band, latex band A, around the hair just above your fingers. Your Yorkie's scalp is especially sensitive, leaving some distance between the hairband and her skin prevents the topknot from being painful or itchy.

Step 3

Comb the hair above latex band A so it's perfectly smooth for the topknot. Wrap this section of hair around two fingers and roll it down toward her head. Your Yorkie's hair is incredibly fine and prone to breakage. If you notice any stray or split ends, smooth a drop of styling gel around the loop of hair. Remove your fingers from the looped hair and secure the topknot loop to latex band A with a second latex hairband.

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