How to Comb and Brush a Yorkie's Legs to Make Them Fluffy & Full

Add fluff to your ball of fur.
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Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, have fine, soft coats that require regular grooming. While the Yorkie’s leg hair tends to flow, you can trim it and use a brush and comb to make the legs look full and fluffy. Using a hair dryer while brushing helps create the desired look.

Step 1

Wash your Yorkie and condition every part of his body except the legs. Rinse and towel-dry him. Use a volumizing shampoo made especially for dogs to help fluff the hair. This removes the natural oil that makes the hair flat and lifeless.

Step 2

Brush the leg hair with a pin brush without balls on the ends. (The balls prevent the brush from moving freely through your pup’s hair.) If you find a mat, remove it with a metal comb. Work the mat from the end of the hair first toward the skin. Continue brushing until the hair is free of tangles.

Step 3

Dry the leg hair with a blow dryer while brushing it. Instead of brushing with the hair growth, brush from the bottom of the leg upward, going against the grain. Set the dryer on low and hold it at least 10 inches from the Yorkie’s skin to avoid burning your baby.

Step 4

Spray the legs with a light coat of hairspray while fluffing the hair with your fingers.

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