How to Groom a Miniature Pinscher

Wearing a coat may keep his fur clean.
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Grooming probably is the easiest job you will have with your Miniature Pinscher. Maintaining his short, wiry coat is simple unless he decides to go play in a mud puddle while out for a walk. A simple grooming routine gives you more time to enjoy your furbaby.

Step 1

Brush his coat with a stiff brush every few days. This will remove any loose dirt or hair on his body. Remember to get the back of his legs and his stomach area.

Step 2

Wipe his coat down weekly with a cloth dampened with warm water. Be sure to get his entire coat. Dry him quickly afterward to avoid chills. Wipe out the inside of his ears with a damp cotton ball and dry them thoroughly.

Step 3

Bathe him monthly, or as needed if he gets dirty, saturating his coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply shampoo first on his neck, working it in well all around. This prevents any fleas that are on him from running to his head. Apply more shampoo to the rest of his body and work into a lather. Apply shampoo to his head last. Rinse with warm water, starting at his head and working backwards. Dry him thoroughly with a towel and keep him warm until he is completely dry.

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