How to Bathe a Schnauzer

Bathe your pup to remove bacteria and help keep him healthy.
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Keeping your schnauzer clean not only improves his appearance, but helps prevent odor and remove potentially harmful bacteria. Bathing your schnauzer is like bathing almost any other pet, except he has a cute little beard that you must also wash and tend to.

Step 1

Wet your schnauzer with a cup or sprayer connected to the faucet. Use lukewarm water and make sure you never get water or shampoo in your pup’s eyes or ears.

Step 2

Dilute the shampoo of your choice with water. Generally, one part shampoo to three parts water is recommended. Schnauzers benefit from natural shampoos that do not strip the natural oils.

Step 3

Lather the shampoo over your four-legged friend, starting at the top of his head and working down his back towards his tail. Gently rub his skin and coat. Don’t use your finger nails or scrub him. It may cause discomfort and wash away his natural oils, making his skin dry. Also, rapid scrubbing may cause tangles in a schnauzer's long coat.

Step 4

Scrub his signature beard, legs, chest and between his toes with shampoo. Dirt and debris in a schnauzer’s beard may cause an odor, so make sure you get all of the debris out.

Step 5

Rinse your furry friend with clean, fresh water from the tap. Start at the top of his head and work backwards. To rinse his beard, keep the water away from his face and pointed down toward his beard.

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