How to Bathe a Bichon Poodle

While the bichon frise-poodle cross requires a good deal of brushing and combing, how often you bathe your furry buddy is a matter of personal preference. Unless he goes looking for dirt and grime, a monthly bath is sufficient. The bich-poo's size makes bathing easy.

Step 1

Remove any knots or mats in your bichon-poodle's coat by brushing him before his bath. Have him sit or lie down, and brush up from the skin. If you find a mat or a knot, use a comb and work it out from the end of the hair first. Do not pull or yank on it.

Step 2

Wet your pup with lukewarm water in the tub or sink. Use a cup or sprayer, and start at the top of his head, working down toward his tail until his coat is completely wet.

Step 3

Work a generous amount of shampoo -- made specifically for white dogs -- into your bich-poo's coat. Gently massage the shampoo into his hair; don’t scrub, as this may cause mats.

Step 4

Rinse your buddy with clean water. Pay close attention to his stomach and legs. Leaving shampoo on him may cause dry skin and itching.

Step 5

Condition your pup if he has long hair or is prone to mats. Apply the coat conditioner formulated for light-colored dogs. Rinse well with warm water.

Step 6

Towel-dry your pal. Cover him with the towel, and allow him to shake out excess water.

Step 7

Brush your bich-poo as you dry him with the hairdryer. Set the heat on low, and dry him while he is standing up. It will generally take about 30 minutes to dry and brush him.

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