Trimming a Papillon's Butt Hair

A papillon is recognizable by his furry ears.
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The papillon, which has a generally worry-free coat, doesn’t require much trimming. However, since the butt or anus area comes in contact with feces, it is best to keep stray hairs there at bay by trimming them regularly.

Step 1

Bathe your papillon and dry her completely before attempting to trim her.

Step 2

Hold your pup’s long, fuzzy tail up with your free hand. This keeps him from sitting down and gives you access to his anus area.

Step 3

Brush your papillon's backside with a pin brush that doesn't have balls on the ends. Brushes with balls on the ends will pull the thin, fine hair of a papillon.

Step 4

Remove any mats with your fingers and the tip of the brush. Work each mat loose from the end of the fur, patiently working toward the skin, being careful not to pull or tug the fine hair.

Step 5

Trim only long hair sticking out from the anus. Do not trim close the anus or at the base of the tail. A papillon cut is not like a Pomeranian cut, whereby the tail base above the anus is cut close.

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