How to Trim a Bichon Frise's Legs

The fluffy white coat of the bichon frise is what gives the breed the infamous "cotton ball" look. When grooming your ball of fur, don't forget about his legs, since they come in contact with dirt and debris daily.

Step 1

Wash your bichon with a shampoo formulated for white dogs before starting to trim him. Remove all of the dirt accumulated from running and playing outside. Towel dry him.

Step 2

Spray a dog hair detangler on all over your bichon. Since her hair is similar to yours, it requires conditioning.

Step 3

Brush her entire body, paying close attention to her front and back legs. Remove any mats or tangles by holding the hair out from her skin and working from the end of the mat with a metal comb. Work slowly and avoid pulling or tugging on your pup’s hair.

Step 4

Dry your fuzzy pup with a hair dryer set on low. Hold it about 12 inches from her skin to avoid a burn. Brush and fluff her hair with your fingers as she dries.

Step 5

Trim the front legs of your bichon with scissors. Start at the top of her leg and scissor the hair towards her foot. Take off a small amount at a time, leaving the hair approximately 1 inch long. Always cut in the direction the hair grows.

Step 6

Lift your pup’s foot and round the hair at the bottom of her leg. Make sure the front and back are even and have a beveled look.

Step 7

Trim the back legs in the same manner. Go from top to bottom and round the hair off above the foot. To help shape the cut, comb the hair as you scissor. Continue until the coat is even from her back to her feet.

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