How to Trim a Welsh Corgi

Corgis make good house pets.
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The Welsh corgi has a double coat that consists of a protective top coat and a soft undercoat, which means shedding. This makes daily, weekly and monthly grooming a necessary task. The daily brushing helps keep him fluffy and mat-free, whereas the weekly or monthly trimming helps keep him looking spiffy and put together.

Step 1

Comb your corgi in sections using a fine comb. Start with his hind legs, working down from the hocks to the toes. Work forward, combing his sides, front legs, back and stomach.

Step 2

Remove any mats by holding the hair away from the corgi’s body and working from the end of the hair towards the skin. Avoid pulling or tugging on his hair, since this may cause discomfort and make grooming uncomfortable.

Step 3

Hold the scissors, or shears, in your dominant hand and pull up your corgi’s long hair with your free hand starting at her shoulders. Trim about 1/4 inch to start-- because you can’t put it back on if you take too much but you can clip more later if necessary.

Step 4

Move down the corgi’s back towards his tail trimming only the long hairs of his outer coat. Trim his tail and down his backside in the direction the hair grows.

Step 5

Flip his paws over and clip the long hairs between his toes and footpads. Remove any long hairs on his chest with your scissors, cutting in the direction of hair growth. Trim his nails with a set of nail clippers for dogs. Make sure you only cut the very ends of the nail. If you cut into the quick, it will cause pain and bleeding.

Step 6

Clip the hair inside your pup’s ears and around his eyes with a pair of blunt-end scissors.

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