How to Clean Matted Puppy Eyes

Regular attention can prevent eye problems from developing.

Regular attention can prevent eye problems from developing.

Matted hair around your puppy's eyes is probably the result of excess discharge that has dried onto the coat. Cleaning the eyes is important for your puppy's health and comfort, but you also should get to the root cause of discharge to make sure your puppy is healthy. Some breeds, typically those with flatter profiles or prominent eyes, are more prone to excess tearing. Allergies, illness or disease such as corneal ulcers all can cause excessive tearing. If the tearing is a new condition or seems to cause your puppy discomfort, it may be time for a visit to your vet.

Dampen the area matted area around your puppy's eyes with a warm washcloth. This will soften the hair, making it easier to remove the mat.

Use a stainless steel comb to work through the hair, removing the mat. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the skin. If there is resistance, dampen the hairs again and give the matted area time to soften.

Wipe the area around the eyes with a clean washcloth or cotton ball to remove excess discharge you loosened during the grooming process.

Items you will need

  • Washcloth (or cotton balls)
  • Stainless steel comb
  • Round-tipped scissors


  • Trim long hairs from around your dog's eyes with round-tipped scissors being careful not to cut too close to the skin. Avoid using shampoo or flea treatments around his eyes to minimize the discharge from his eyes.


  • If your puppy paws at his eyes or his eyes seem to be irritating him, it may be time to see the veterinarian.

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