How to Potty Train a 5 Month Old Cocker Spaniel

Take your puppy to the same spot every morning when house-training.

Take your puppy to the same spot every morning when house-training.

Cocker spaniel puppies are highly trainable and pick up on almost any training with repetition and positive reinforcement. Puppies learn from their mothers to relieve themselves away from where they sleep, so your cocker spaniel pup is already conditioned for what you're going to teach him.

Take your puppy outside to the same spot every morning when you first wake up. Puppies feel most comfortable relieving themselves in spaces that feel, look and smell familiar.

Reward your puppy with a treat, toy or praise every time he goes out to relieve himself. Cocker spaniels respond best to positive affection.

Take your puppy out to relieve himself on a consistent daily schedule. Puppies have fast digestive systems, so they need to go out five to 30 minutes after each meal. They also always need to go out first thing in the morning and before bed at night.

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  • Dog toy or treat


  • Don't punish your puppy if he relieves himself indoors. Take him out immediately to his spot and let him finish there.
  • Don't give your puppy commands when taking him out. Remain calm and let him take his time.

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