How to House Train an English Springer Spaniel

Take your springer spaniel to the same spot to relieve herself every day when housebreaking.
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Believe it or not, your pup started house-training before she got to you. When nursing, puppies learn to imitate their mothers and relieve themselves in areas outside of where they eat and sleep. English Springer Spaniels are an obedient, intelligent breed and will catch on quickly with a little guidance.

Step 1

Take your pet to the same spot every morning when you wake up. Puppies tend to like relieving themselves in spots that feel safe and familiar. Don't give her any commands. Just stay quiet and let her do her thing.

Step 2

Reward her for going outside with her favorite toy or a treat. Give her this reward every time she successfully relieves herself outside until she's completely house-trained.

Step 3

Stay calm when your pup makes a mistake and relieves herself inside. Take her immediately out to the spot where you want her to go, and don't punish her for her mistake.

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