Quick Ways to Housebreak a Pomeranian

Reward your Pom with affection and a treat every time she relieves herself outside.
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Pomeranians are so adorable and affectionate they are often treated like members of the family. The most important thing about house training your Pomeranian is to establish dominance, so your pet doesn't think she makes the rules. Stick to a consistent training schedule and be positive but firm when housebreaking your Pom.

Step 1

Set a schedule for taking your Pomeranian outside to relieve herself. Pomeranians learn quickly with a consistent routine. Take your Pom out first thing in the morning, before bed at night and after every meal. Puppies always need to go out between five and 30 minutes after eating.

Step 2

Take your pup to the same spot to relieve herself whenever possible. The consistency of the spot helps her learn faster, and she will be most comfortable using a spot that feels safe. She also will be prompted to relieve herself when she smells her own scent.

Step 3

Give your pup a treat and affection each time she relieves herself outside. Never punish her if she makes a mistake inside the house, but you need to remain firm and take her out to her potty training spot immediately.

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