Housebreaking a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks catch on quickly to consistent, reward-based training methods.

Rhodesian ridgebacks catch on quickly to consistent, reward-based training methods.

A Rhodesian ridgeback is generally affectionate to his owner and takes to training quickly with positive encouragement and consistency. Originally a lion hunting breed, Rhodesian ridgebacks can be trained as hunters, guard dogs and in a multitude of sports, so housebreaking usually is pretty easy.

Be consistent with your housebreaking schedule. Rhodesian ridgebacks respond best to consistent training methods, so take your pup out every morning when you wake up, after each meal and before bed at night. Set a schedule that works for you and the dog and stick to it.

Take your pet back to the same safe and familiar spot to relieve himself each morning. Because Rhodesian ridgebacks respond well to consistency, your pup will catch on quickly. Your ridgeback's keen sense of smell also will trigger him to relieve himself when he gets there.

Give your pet a reward, such as a treat, his favorite toy or a walk around the block, whenever he successfully relieves himself outside. Always keep the training positive and never punish him for mistakes he makes indoors. Rhodesian ridgebacks learn best with positive, reward-based training methods. Be firm and consistent and take him immediately outside to his designated spot and let him finish there.

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