How to Move a Budgie to a New Cage

Choosing a cage similar to his current one makes things easier.
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Everybody likes an upgrade, and your budgie is no exception. When you're ready to transfer him from his old cage into some newer digs, you can take a few simple steps to make the transition as painless as possible for your little pal.

Step 1

Choose a cage that is the same color as his old one, to make the change less dramatic.

Step 2

Place the new cage in his room while he is still living in the old one. Equip it with similar amenities, like perches, food, water and toys. When your budgie comes out for playtime, open the doors to both cages and allow him to explore the new surroundings. Adventurous budgies will have no qualms about checking out the new cage, which makes your job of facilitating the transition all the easier.

Step 3

Leave the new cage in his room for about a week, allowing him to explore it every day.

Step 4

Take your budgie to another room during playtime on the day you wish to make his transition. While you two are in another room, have a friend or partner remove his old cage from the budgie's room, transitioning any toys or snacks that he may be currently working on to the new cage. The new cage should then be placed where the old cage was.

Step 5

Return your budgie to his room after playtime is over, placing him in the new cage. Now, birds are smart. He's going to notice that this isn't his old cage. However, since he's spent some time getting acquainted with the new environment, it shouldn't be a stressful or foreign experience. Feeding him after putting him in the new cage also helps distract him from the transition.

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