How to Introduce a Parakeet to a New Cage

Adding your parakeet's favorite toys, such as a mirror, will ease him into the new cage.
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A new cage is an exciting experience for your little parakeet. Your feathered friend may need some time to get used to his new home, a process that could take more than a week. Making the process as stress-free and fun as possible is something you can do to help!

Step 1

Place the new cage in close proximity to your budgie's current cage. Side-by-side is preferable, but somewhere where your little guy can see it will do. Leave the new cage as it is for a week or so, and start adding some toys and things that will pique your feathered friend's curiosity!

Step 2

Put food, treats and water in the new cage for your budgie. It will help your little birdie to go eagerly into the new cage on his own.

Step 3

Open up the doors of both cages and set them together so that there is a free little walkway between the cages.

Step 4

Encourage your budgie to go into the new cage by standing on the other side of the new cage and coaxing him with your voice.

Step 5

Move your budgie's stuff from the old cage into the new one gradually over a couple of days.

Step 6

Allow your bird to go freely between the two cages until he's completely comfortable in the new one. Being completely comfortable means that your feathered friend is playing, eating, drinking and going about his normal behavior while in the new cage.

Step 7

Remove the old cage from the room and from your budgie's sight.

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