How to Entertain Parakeets

Parakeets love toys and puzzles, especially when treats are involved.

Parakeets love toys and puzzles, especially when treats are involved.

Parakeets are intelligent birds that appreciate a challenge. In fact, without being entertained, a caged parakeet can turn to activities like ceaseless chirping or self-mutilation. Give your parakeet the stimulation he needs, and he will have an active mind and a contented mood.

Give your parakeet a variety of toys instead of just one. Make sure that he has different colors and textures, so your bird doesn't get bored. Every two weeks, take the toys out of rotation and introduce new ones. This gives you an opportunity to keep the toys clean and prevent your bird from getting too disinterested.

Expose your parakeet to external stimuli when you are away from the house. For example, turn on the television or play music while you are gone. While he may not understand what he is seeing and hearing, it will keep his mind active and prevent the boredom that comes with solitude.

Feed your parakeet using a food-hiding toy. Parakeets need activity and challenges, and a toy that conceals food is the perfect motivation to make your feathered friend play.

Take your parakeet out of his cage as often as every day. Parakeets are social birds that thrive on attention, so allow him to come out and perch on you.

Items you will need

  • Toys of varying texture, color and size
  • Television or stereo


  • In addition to rotating your bird's toys every two weeks, rotate his toys just before you leave the house. This gives him something positive to focus on when you are away.

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