How to Make a Kitty Condo From Cardboard Boxes

A kitty condo gives your cat space to play as well as sleep.
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Are you looking for an inexpensive way to give your cat a safe way to play around the house? Building a kitty condo from cardboard boxes will save you the cost of purchasing retail cat furniture, and your cat will not even know the difference.

Step 1

Select three or more cardboard boxes of various size. All three boxes should be large enough that your cat is able to fit comfortably inside.

Step 2

Cut a circular hole about 8 to 10 inches in diameter through the front of each box using a box cutter. If you do not feel comfortable cutting the hole freehand, try using a compass to trace the outline of the hole first.

Step 3

Close the flaps of the largest box and tape it shut using duct tape. The largest of the three boxes will form the base of your kitty condo and, by taping the flaps down to hold the shape of the box, you will be making the box sturdier.

Step 4

Open the flaps on the other two boxes and cut off the longest pair of flaps on each box. You will use the remaining pair of flaps to secure the boxes to each other.

Step 5

Set the second largest box on top of the largest box, positioning them so the circular holes are both facing the same direction.

Step 6

Spread the remaining flaps on the second box out so they lay flat against the top of the bottom box and tape them down securely.

Step 7

Repeat steps 5 and 6 to attach the smallest box to the second box, completing a tier of three boxes.

Step 8

Line the interior of all three boxes with old blankets or towels to make your kitty condo more comfortable for your cat.

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