Ideas to Hide a Litter Box in a Bathroom

Kitty is cute, but her litter box is not.
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While Kitty may be a beloved member of the family, she does present one major issue—her litter box. Keeping it in the bathroom is convenient, but you don't want to see it while brushing your teeth. Hide the box to keep it out of sight, but still accessible.

Under the Sink

If your bathroom sink mounts over cabinets and you can spare the storage area, tuck Kitty's box underneath the sink. Unless you want to leave a cabinet door permanently ajar, remove one or both of the doors and replace them with a cafe curtain or cute fabric tacked up over the opening. Kitty can slip under the fabric to use her box without leaving the unpleasant sight on display. Measure the under-sink area before purchasing your litter box so you don't come home with a box that doesn't fit.

Potted Plants

Use a corner of the bathroom as a hiding spot for the cat box. One method is to use a triangular cat box that tucks neatly into the corner. Set one or two tall potted plants in front of the box, leaving just enough room for Kitty to access the entrance. Stick with faux plants, as Kitty might be tempted to nibble on the real thing. If space is an issue, achieve the same effect by purchasing a cat box disguised as a planter. Kitty enters an opening in the pot to take care of business, while a faux palm on top looks attractive and realistic. With the opening turned towards the wall, visitors might not even realize there is a litter box in the bathroom.

Furniture or Box

One of the most elegant ways to hide an unattractive cat box is inside a stylish piece of furniture. Some cat box cabinets are quite beautiful, with designer styling and quality materials. Choose a box that matches your bathroom decor. Cat box cabinets have an opening for Kitty to reach her enclosed box and a door that opens for cleaning. The top of the cabinet makes a useful display or storage area, and many cabinets have extra shelves or drawers for storage, along with built-in towel holders. If buying a cat box cabinet is out of your budget, you can create a very inexpensive version with a large, lidded, plastic storage tub. Cut a hole in the side for Kitty to get in and out, and set her litter pan inside the box. It's not as attractive as a piece of furniture, but serves the same purpose of hiding the cat box from view.


It's not a solution for everyone, but if you can spare a bathtub, consider putting the cat box in there. Pick a shower curtain that complements your bathroom decor, and whisk it shut to hide the unappealing box. Kitty can easily slip past the shower curtain to take care of business, and you have easy access when it's time for daily cleaning. Another benefit to hiding the box in the tub is that it cuts down on litter tracked around the house.

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