How to Build a Feral Cat House

Feral cats need protection from the elements.
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Feral cats live outside out of necessity, preference or fear. They roam the neighborhood and take handouts or fend for themselves. In the summer, life is good, but in the winter, they need help getting out of chilly temperatures. You can help them by building a feral cat house.

Step 1

Cut a round hole about 6 inches in diameter with a box cutter or jigsaw in the side of the tub near the bottom. The hole does not need to be perfectly round; feral cats are not particular. The hole needs to be large enough for the cat to enter but not so large that excessive wind and rain will invade the tub.

Step 2

Secure the thermal blanket to the inside of the tub with freezer tape. Cut a hole in the blanket where it overlaps the hole in the tub. Trim as needed. Line the inside of the tub lid with a piece of thermal blanket as well, leaving a gap around the rim so you can still close the lid onto the tub. The thermal blanket acts as insulation and helps reflect the cat's body heat back onto him.

Step 3

Make a nest in the container out of the straw. Not only can the cat nestle down in the straw to keep warm, the straw gives the cat a way to avoid any moisture that may build up on the blanket.

Step 4

Sit the tub on the bricks to keep it off the ground. By having the container slightly elevated, you prevent water from pouring across the yard and into the opening.

the nest