Haircut Styles for Yorkshire Terrier Dogs

The versatile Yorkie can work almost any hairstyle.
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The Yorkie's smooth, silky coat closely resembles the texture of human hair. This gives the little pooch the ability to rock many different hair lengths and styles, including ones that mimic the well-known looks of other breeds.

The Long and Short of It

Sometimes it's best to stick with the basics, and it doesn't get much more basic than the show cut and the puppy cut. The show cut dictates long, floor-length hair, as you see on the little purebred Yorkies trotting around the show ring in dog shows. This style looks magnificent but requires daily brushing and weekly baths to keep it clean and tangle-free. A popular alternative is the puppy cut, which trims your pup's hair short, making it easier to maintain.

Copycat Cuts

Imitation is the highest form of flattery as the saying goes, so the Yorkie is a born flatterer. Your pooch's hair offers a versatile canvas to try new hairstyles and typically responds well to cuts normally reserved for other breeds. The schnauzer cut trims the tail and main body short, but leaves longer hair on the face and legs. The Westie cut trims the entire body, legs and tail but lets the face hair remain long. These cuts can also be modified to suit your pup's unique lifestyle and personality, so don't think you're limited to keeping his hair exactly like the example.

Mix and Match

It's your dog, so ultimately it's your decision how you want him to look. Like the body stylings of the schnauzer but want the head left longer? Go for it. You can mix and match looks from a variety of different pictures and breeds, or create a look all your own. Give him a Mohawk, shave everything but the tail or make him look like a little lion. The only limit is your imagination. His hair will grow back just fine in short order, so you can try again if you don't like it.


A good haircut can only carry your pup's cuteness so far. Once the scissors and clippers are done, it's time to accessorize and take your Yorkie to maximum adorable factor. Longer head hair allows him to have a topknot or braids, fixed with a stylish bow or ribbon. A small swatch of fabric makes a festive bandana to accent his hair or give him a bright pop of color.

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