Schnauzer Hairstyles

Shorter cuts for your schnauzer minimize your grooming duties.
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Schnauzers come in three sizes -- miniature, standard and giant -- and they all can sport the same hairstyles. Consider how much maintenance and daily grooming time you want to put in when deciding which style is best for you and your pup.

Basic Grooming

No matter what hairstyle you choose for your schnauzer, you'll need to perform some basic grooming duties on him. Regular brushing is essential to keep his coat smooth and tangle-free. Daily brushing is recommended for longer coats, but a weekly brushing session will suffice if your pup has a short style. Bathing should be done when needed, depending on how dirty your dog gets. Be sure to use a specialist doggy shampoo and rise his coat thoroughly. He'll also need his nails trimmed when they get too long, but have your veterinarian or a professional groomer do this so you won't risk cutting the blood vessels in his nails.

Short Hairstyles

A shorter hairstyle for your schnauzer is easier to maintain and will keep your pup cool in warmer weather. The puppy cut, whereby the coat is cut to around an inch long all over, is popular, an easy style to look after, but it still gives your dog a cute, shaggy look. If you'd prefer an lower-maintenance hairdo, try getting your canine friend an kennel or summer clip whereby his coat is trimmed to a half-inch or shorter. You can choose to leave his facial furnishings longer, if you wish.

Traditional Schnauzer Cut

If you go for a traditional schnauzer cut, the hair on your dog's body, neck, head and ears will be clipped short. His beard and eyebrows are left long, but are trimmed slightly to reach the desired shape. The hair on his legs is longer than on the body, the hair is rounded at the paws. Elsewhere the hair is trimmed close to give and even appearance. The style is approved by the American Kennel Club, so his coat must be kept this way if you want to enter the show ring.


Schnauzers' coats don't naturally shed very much, so they need to be hand-stripped to remove the dead hairs and stop them from getting matted fur. The AKC recommends this should be done twice per year. Don't attempt it yourself -- go to a dog groomer who has experience hand-stripping. The process will shorten your dog's coat, giving him a neat and tidy look.

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