About Giving Yorkie Puppies Baths

Yorkshire terriers have fine, silky hair that requires regular maintenance.

Yorkshire terriers have fine, silky hair that requires regular maintenance.

Yorkies are known for their fine, silky hair which hangs around the face and body. This unique, shiny hair differs from the fur found on most dogs, and much attention must be paid to maintain the Yorkie's hair. Frequent brushing is required to avoid knots and mats. There is no universally accepted rule on how frequently you should bathe a Yorkie. Some owners prefer to wash theirs frequently to remove dirt and debris, and to have a pleasant-smelling companion. Others wash theirs only a few times per year. Regardless of the frequency, follow a few simple rules.


Most newborn puppies are cleaned by their mothers, who lick them clean frequently. Bathing a puppy early in their life can create a positive experience for both you and your dog if handled properly. Dogs who are bathed early in life often have a more positive attitude about baths than those who only begin the bathing process later in life.


The first task is to brush the Yorkie puppy's hair to remove knots and mats before washing the puppy. Be gentle, as pulling on mats can hurt. Brushing the puppy's hair before a bath will avoid further matting, as knots get tighter once they're wet.


Puppies have sensitive skin, so be sure the water isn't too hot when bathing the puppy. Warm water during the bath, plus a warm towel to dry the puppy afterward, will help the bathing experience. Ensure the temperature of the blow-drier is on the lowest setting for heat to avoid burning the puppy when brushing and blow-drying the hair.


Most pet stores and vets offer specially formulated shampoo for puppies that are gentle on a puppy's skin. Never use human shampoo on a puppy, because the chemicals can damage a puppy's tender health. Gentle puppy shampoo plus brushing before and after the bath will beautify and cleanse your dog. For a dog with dry skin, oatmeal shampoo is recommended for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.

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