Does Bathing Help a Pomeranian's Coat Come In?

Pomeranian puppies shed their coat early.
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Giving your Pomeranian a warm bath will, in most cases, help his coat grow in faster. Unless your dog has been shaved, bathing him will help release the old hair he's holding onto and make way for a new coat. This is true for both puppies and adult Poms.

The Pomeranian Coat

Pomeranian puppies have a thick, fluffy coat that they begin to shed around 3 months of age. The puppy will continue to lose hair until he is between 8 and 10 months old, when his adult coat has grown in. A Pom puppy will look quite naked during this period, but the reward is a full, double coat of fur that he will shed again around his first birthday and yearly after that. The adult Pomeranian coat is made up of short, dense hair with outer hair that is longer and thinner. It's the outer coat that makes a Pom look fluffy. A Pomeranian's coat may be trimmed lightly but should never be shaved. Once shaved, the coat may not grow back as it should.

Coat Care

The Pomeranian double coat requires frequent and careful maintenance. Weekly brushing is the minimum, but two to three times a week is best to keep the coat in top shape. Pomeranians should be bathed once a month unless they get dirty or need to grow new coat. Don't allow dirt to collect in your Pom's coat. It can be trapped in the thick coat near the skin and can cause irritation. Begin brushing and bathing your Pom when he's young so he learns to enjoy this process.

Growing Coat

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Bathe your Pom every one to two weeks in warm water during shedding season to help him release the old, dead hair and allow new coat to grow. Use a moisturizing shampoo made for dogs and conditioner to help repel dirt and avoid mats. Brush your Pom with a pin or bristle brush before bathing to remove any loose hair. Always mist your dog's coat with water before brushing. Brushing when the hair is dry can cause it to break.

Bathing a Pom

Set aside enough time to bathe your dog so it will be a relaxing, bonding experience for both of you. Give your Pom his bath in a small area, such as the kitchen sink, or place a small tub in your bathtub. This will make your pup feel more secure and less likely to move around during his bath. Massage his skin gently for several minutes as you shampoo. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and then use a gentle canine conditioner. Distribute it throughout the coat and massage again for about 10 minutes before rinsing. This process helps feed the hair follicles and stimulates your Pom's coat growth.

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