How to Fluff a Dog's Hair After Shampoo

I'm fluffy and this is puffy.

I'm fluffy and this is puffy.

Dog breed standards dictate that some dogs should have fluffy coats. Fluff-drying is a grooming technique that adds volume to pet hair to make it appear fuller on long- and medium-haired dogs. Whether you have a show dog or just want your pooch fluffy, you can accomplish that easily.

Dry your dog with towels after his bath. Pat the fur dry rather than rubbing it with the towels. Rubbing fur to remove excess moisture can mat the hair.

Have a blow dryer and slicker brush handy and place your dog on a table or counter top. Putting a dog on a raised surface will deter him from trying to jump off.

Brush your dog with a slicker brush to remove moisture from his hair. Wipe up any water that accumulates on the counter, because your dog will be uncomfortable standing on a slick surface.

Keep one hand on your dog’s back as you turn the blow dryer on a low setting with warm airflow. Remove your hand from his back once he is quiet and still. Hold the dryer nozzle about 6 inches away from your pooch with the nozzle pointing upward. Hold a brush in your other hand and brush down on a section of hair, then lift the hair up in short quick strokes with the blow dryer underneath the hair. Continue this method of drying until that section of hair is completely dry.

Dry a section of hair at a time until your dog is completely dry. Take note of any areas that have mats near the skin. Fluff-drying makes a dog's coat appear full and fluffy, rather than drying in from the top to make it sleek and lay flat.

Allow your dog to take a break for a moment or so and give him a tasty dog treat for his patience.

Get rid of mats by turning the blow dryer to a cool setting. Hold the nozzle very close to the mat from underneath it as you brush the mat out from the top with the slicker brush. Move the nozzle back to the original drying position of 6 inches from your pet to remove tangles in his hair that occur from brushing out the mat. Remove each mat in this manner.

Brush through your dog’s coat again with a slicker brush while aiming the blow dryer nozzle at the area you are brushing. Lift the ends of his hair upward as you brush him out.

Items you will need

  • Towels
  • Slicker brush
  • Table
  • Blow dryer
  • Dog treats


  • Holding one hand on your dog as you turn on a blow dryer assures him that the noise and airflow is OK and you will not hurt him.
  • Make certain to rinse all shampoo and conditioning products thoroughly out of your dog's coat after a bath. Excess products tend to weigh down fur and prevent it from fluffing properly.


  • Do not point the blow dryer directly at a dog’s eyes. This can dry them out and will become uncomfortable for him.
  • Take care in drying a dog near his ears. The sound of the airflow can scare him and the warmth on his delicate ears may make him try to escape.

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