How to Stop Great Pyrenees Shedding

Hopefully you did your research before getting a Great Pyrenees and you know it is a working breed with a thick double coat. Your furry friend sheds a lot. While there is no magic cure to stop shedding, but make it tolerable with regular grooming and coat care.

Step 1

Remove any mats and tangles from your Great Pyrenees with a metal hair rake and metal comb. Before washing, remove as much of the loose undercoat hair as possible Generally mats form on the hind legs, in the long mane and around the thick plumed tail of the Pyrenees, so pay close attention to these areas.

Step 2

Wash your Great Pyrenees with a shampoo for white dogs with thick coats. Generally, this shampoo contains natural coat conditioners. Rinse his coat thoroughly and remove all of the soap.

Step 3

Dry your pup with several towels. Follow up with a hair dryer and completely dry the coat. Place the setting on low and hold it about 12 inches from your pup’s skin to avoid burning her.

Step 4

Comb your four-legged friend with a hair rake again. Start at the base of his neck and work toward his tail. Rake both sides of his coat, along with his legs and chest. This helps remove the lose hair from his undercoat.

Step 5

Brush your Pyrenees with a slicker brush. The slicker removes dead hairs from the outer coat, which provides protection from rain and snow in the breed. Brush his entire body, again paying close attention to the feathered hair on the thighs and hind hocks and the thick mane around the neck area. Also, remember to care for the very thick tail unique to the Pyrenees.

Step 6

Remove any remaining hair by brushing your fluffy friend with a pin brush. Go over the coat with your free hand as you brush and grab any hair that comes off. Wearing a pet grooming glove helps remove any lose hair as you brush.

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