How to Brush a Wire Haired Dog

Brush a wire-haired dog daily to keep his scruffy appearance healthy.
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Brushing a wire-haired dog daily keeps his coat clean, removes tangles and old fur and spreads natural oils throughout his coat to keep him shiny. Start with short grooming sessions and lengthen them with lots of praise and petting. You will create a gleaming coat for all to see.

Step 1

Set your wire-haired dog on a tall surface such as a counter top or table. This will deter him from trying to jump or remove himself from his grooming. A taller surface saves you from bending over to groom your dog.

Step 2

Hold a wire pin brush in one hand and pet your dog with the other. Brush your dog in the direction his hair grows starting at his head. Work your way backward down his neck, to his front legs, body, rear legs and to his tail. Use long, even strokes and light pressure. If you encounter an undercoat mat in his hair, stop using the wire pin brush immediately and switch to a dematting tool.

Step 3

Fold over the outer coat against the grain to reveal a mat in the undercoat. Grasp the mat and hold it upward from his skin. Pick up a dematting tool in the other hand. Brush the mat gently starting at the longest hairs with quick short strokes. Work farther down into the mat as the tips release and comb out. Remove all mats in this manner down to the skin level. You will most likely remove a small amount of hair from his undercoat, but it will not be noticeable when you are finished grooming him.

Step 4

Brush your pooch with an undercoat rake to make him fluffy. Brush his hair in the opposite direction that it grows to remove any loose undercoat hair and debris close to his skin. Start at his tail end and work towards his head.

Step 5

Work from the front to the rear of your dog with a slicker brush. Brush his hair in the direction it grows in long, even strokes. This finishing brush gives him a shiny and smooth coat. If your pet has a beard or mustache, brush it out with a slicker brush in downward strokes. If his facial hair is long, place your hand on the backside of it next to his face and brush it in your hand. Don’t forget the eyebrows. Brush them forward and with upward strokes away from his eyes.

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