What Can You Do to Keep a Chihuahua From Tearing Up Toilet Paper?

Dangling toilet paper may appear to be a toy to your dog.
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Eating toilet paper is an annoying habit that potentially can hurt your Chihuahua. In addition to leaving you stranded in the bathroom wondering why every roll of toilet paper you pick up is shredded and covered in tiny teeth marks, it's a bad idea for your dog to eat toilet paper because it is treated with chemicals and bleached white. The good news is that it is not particularly difficult to stop your Chihuahua from eating your toilet paper.

Step 1

Close your bathroom door whenever you are not using the bathroom. Keeping your dog out of the bathroom will help ensure that you are in the room to monitor your Chihuahua's behavior and correct him if he attempts to chew the toilet paper. You are not going to be able to correct your dog adequately, especially if he is a young puppy, if you are downstairs and sound asleep while he's misbehaving in the bathroom.

Step 2

Keep the toilet paper out of your Chihuahua's reach. The largest Chihuahuas are not supposed to be more than 9 inches tall. Even standing on their hind legs and jumping, these small dogs are unlikely to be able to get the toilet paper down from a shelf that is at least 3 feet off the ground. Storing the toilet paper in a closed cabinet or on a high shelf will help make sure your dog cannot reach it. If your dog has a knack for nudging open cabinets, put a child proof lock on the cabinet door.

Step 3

Try not to leave toilet paper dangling down from the roll. It will look like a toy to your dog and the toilet paper dispenser can play for quite awhile while your dog attempts to run off with the toilet paper. Move the dispenser so it is positioned at least 3 feet off the ground.

Step 4

Reprimand your dog when you catch him eating the toilet paper by firmly saying the word "no" and taking the toilet paper away. Repeat as many times as necessary and do not allow the dog in the bathroom without you there to correct him. Eventually, he will stop trying to eat your toilet paper.

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