Aggression in Female Cats After Going Into Heat

When she's in heat, she'll tell you. And the whole neighborhood.
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When your cat is in heat, she's jonesing for a mate. And like anyone else trying to make a love connection, she's bound to behave a little erratically. However aggressive and weird her behavior seems, rest assured, it's normal -- as normal as cats can be, anyway.

Escape Attempts

Even a cat who appreciates the comforts of living indoors will make aggressive attempts at escaping when she's in the mood for love. Like Odysseus listening to the sirens' song, your typically tame little lady will be suddenly desperate to break free and score a mate. Unless you want a litter of kittens on your hands, you'll need to be extra careful when you come in the door, and make sure that she can't access any window screens.

Extreme Marking

Your cat can't exactly take out a personal ad to find her match, so she's going to spread the word of her availability in arguably the most inconvenient way possible: peeing on everything in sight. Yes, your furry little spinster is going to spray her urine everywhere, leaving your home with the unmistakable aroma of a football stadium restroom at halftime. Her urine is loaded with hormones and biological information that can attract mates, so you can't blame her for being aggressive with the spraying.

Aggressive Affection

If you think your kitty loves you now, just wait until she's in heat. When she's in the mood, she becomes aggressive with her affections, and not just with other cats. You'll probably notice that she won't leave you alone, constantly rubbing, cuddling and following you around, looking for pets and attention. Of course, things could be worse than your cat smothering you with love, but you may end up going through lint rollers a lot faster than usual.

Singing the Blues

Your lady cat's heat-related aggression manifests itself loudly. Most cats become aggressively loud, meowing and howling to attract suitors. Not the most subtle act of desperation, and almost definitely one that will drive you a little crazy, but hey, a girl's gotta find a date somehow. Once the heat cycle ends, she'll go back to only meowing like a lunatic every time you open up a tin can.

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