Do Cats That Have Been Spayed Become More Friendly?

Spaying your cat can improve her focus.
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Spaying offers numerous benefits -- no more sleepless nights due to a yowling queen in heat or unwanted kitty litters popping up on your doorstep. Not to mention, the surgery also often triggers positive behavior changes in your beloved pet.


When a queen cat is unfixed, her behavior is primarily hormonally-driven. After spaying, that changes entirely. Your cat will not be focused on getting the attention of the tomcats in the neighborhood. Instead, she will be more attentive to you. Say goodbye to her restless roaming around in search of males and to her constant persistent nighttime yowls and meows -- phew!

Submissive Behavior

When a queen cat's mind isn't on mating and breeding, she is more likely to be better behaved. She may be more submissive and willing to obey your rules -- and that goes beyond just not spraying urine during her heat cycle. Your pet won't wander off as much, and is also less likely to display hostile and aggressive behavioral patterns. In general, cats change for the better as a result of spaying, whether in terms of friendliness, obedience or attention span.

Heat Cycle

One exception exists, however. When female cats are in heat, one of the most prominent "signs" involves engaging in unusually affectionate behavior. In heat, your sweet kitty may be especially loving, headbutting you, rolling around on her belly and rubbing her entire body against your legs -- even if she's normally aloof and independent. After you get your cat fixed, this seemingly friendly behavior will most definitely wane.

Community Responsibility

Apart from the several behavioral advantages of a fixed feline, spaying provides a bevy of other benefits. Spayed female cats cannot become pregnant, preventing them from experiencing the physical stress of carrying litters of kittens. Not to mention, the procedure seriously helps to curb cat overpopulation in your community. With all of the homeless stray and feral cats around the nation, spaying and neutering is a bright -- and compassionate -- idea. Your cat will thank you for it later on -- in her own friendly and cute feline way, of course.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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