What Does It Mean When My Female Dog Shows Her Rear to My Male Dog?

Female dogs are in heat for approximately 21 days.
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If you've been lucky enough to spend any time around dogs, then you probably know that canine actions can range from vaguely amusing to absolutely baffling. Some of the most interesting doggie behavioral patterns and body language signs center around their reproductive urges.

Showing Her Rear

If your female dog normally doesn't even acknowledge your male dog's existence but all of a sudden is putting her rear end on display for him, then she might be in heat. Female dogs often indicate their desires to mate through body positioning. If your female dog approaches your male dog with her derriere prominently raised, she's communicating that she wants him to mate with her. She also might show other body clues that point to mating -- such as tightening up her back limbs and moving her tail away from the center of her body.

Other Heat Signs

Thinking about the context of your female dog's past few days might be helpful for figuring out exactly what she's trying to do when she shows her rear end to your male pet. When female dogs are in heat, they usually make it pretty clear in ways other than just lifting up their backsides. Some common hints of the female canine heat cycle are immoderate urination, vigilance, lack of attention span, bloody substances coming out of the vagina, frequent licking of the rear, slight redness of the vulva and stressed out behavior.

No Mating Yet

If your female dog shows your male dog her rear right after her heat cycle starts, she might simply be playing around with him, coquette style, with no intention to actually mate just yet. If she remains completely motionless as he looks at her backside, she might just swiftly escape the scene the second he tries to place his body onto her. Note that female dogs are usually only willing to mate roughly nine to 15 days after entering heat.

Spaying and Neutering

If you get your female dog spayed and your male dog neutered, this type of behavior might just cease -- and fast. Female dogs don't experience heat cycles once they're spayed, and the sex drives of neutered male dogs also tend to diminish rapidly. If you keep a pair of unfixed dogs together, a litter of puppies is pretty much an inevitable thing. Talk to your veterinarian about setting up spaying and neutering surgeries for your sweet pets.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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