How to Adopt a Yorkie

Evaluate the time and financial committment before adopting a Yorkie.
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Yorkshire Terriers, also called Yorkies, are small, active dogs that require short walks, frequent brushing and commitment to feeding and medical care. Animal rescues and shelters may have adoptable Yorkies available. Adopting a Yorkie is rewarding and usually less expensive than purchasing from a breeder.

Step 1

Contact the regional Yorkshire Terrier Club of America delegate closest to you for assistance in rescuing a Yorkie. You can find a list of regional delegates email addresses on the YTCA website. Email the delegate to let them know you are looking to adopt a Yorkie and they will assist you in finding a Yorkie for adoption that may be located in a rescue, foster care or shelter.

Step 2

Complete a breed specific search on websites such as Petfinder and Under the breed criteria, select “Yorkshire Terrier” and the search will produce a list of adoptable, available Yorkies. Narrow your search by location to see photos and descriptions of Yorkies in your area.

Step 3

Call local animal shelters and rescues to inquire about adoptable Yorkies. To find local rescues, look in the phone book under animal rescue or shelters. Your local SPCA may also be a resource to find a Yorkie. If the shelter has Yorkies available, set up an appointment or visit the rescue during adoption hours to meet the Yorkies.

Step 4

Contact Yorkie specific rescues such as Save-A-Yorkie Rescue, The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc., or the United Yorkie Rescue. These non-profit organizations maintain volunteers across the country that foster Yorkies and can assist you in finding a Yorkie to adopt.

Step 5

Complete an application if you find a particular Yorkie you want to adopt and follow through with the selection process. The adoption process may involve checking references and a home visit to confirm you are the best match for the Yorkie.

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