Yorkie Rescue Groups in Texas

I'm a Lone Star Yorkie.
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Yorkshire terriers in need of rescue can reach deep into the heart of several Texas organizations dedicated to finding new people to love and care for this toy breed. Most of these nonprofit rescue groups depend on volunteers to care for these tiny terriers until new homes are found.

Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue

Based in eastern Texas and the Houston/Conroe suburbs, Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue isn't a shelter, but it consists of volunteers fostering dogs in their homes. All Yorkies are spayed or neutered and brought up to date on vaccinations before becoming available for adoption. Applicants must fill out an application, allow a home visit and pay an adoption fee for the dog upon approval. Fees depend on the specific dog. Because Yorkies are so small and easily harmed, YSDR does not adopt out to families with young children.

United Yorkie Rescue

Based in San Antonio, United Yorkie Rescue does allow out-of-state adoptions if applicants meet their strict criteria, but transportation is the adopter's responsibility. Each Yorkie is fostered in a UYR volunteer's home. Potential adopters must complete an application form and submit to a home visit, with all those living in the house present, including other pets. While UYR does not usually adopt to families with small children, exceptions may be made if the adopters are very experienced with Yorkies.

Yorkie Haven Rescue

Applicants must be age 21 or over to receive consideration as potential adopters at Yorkie Haven Rescue, based in Seabrook. Yorkies or Yorkie mixes live in foster homes until the right adopter comes along. YHR dogs receive a full vetting, including dentals on most dogs. Any heartworm-positive dog receives heartworm treatment before becoming available for adoption. According to YHR, all adoption fees go to funding veterinary care for the rescues.

Rescue Me

Rescue Me Animal Rescue Network works as an Internet clearinghouse for pets in need of new homes, including Yorkies in Texas available for adoption. Animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the Lone Star State can post Yorkie or Yorkie-type dogs available at their facilities. Information on the dog's health, personality and compatibility with kids or other pets is posted, along with photos. Potential adopters must meet the requirements of the individual shelter or rescue.

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