Do it Yourself: Dog Clothes Rack

Build your pretty princess her very own doggy clothes rack.
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Dog clothes may seem silly to the uninitiated, but for the hardcore doggy dresser, organization can be a challenge. Closet space is at a premium for your clothes, but you can build Fifi a dog clothes rack to keep her clothes fierce and fabulous.

Step 1

Lay two of the 36-inch pieces of PVC pipe side by side on a table. Swipe a line of glue around the top end of each piece and attach a U-shaped joint over the glued ends.

Step 2

Brush a line of glue on each end of another piece of 36-inch pipe and insert it into the open ends of the elbow joint to connect the pieces in a large, upside-down “U” shape. This forms the uprights and hanger space for your dog clothes rack. Set the piece aside and let it dry overnight.

Step 3

Insert one of the 24-inch pieces of pipe through each of the 4-way fittings. Feed it through the long, straight, flow-through portion at the bottom of the fitting to build a steady base for your clothes rack.

Step 4

Add a little glue to the inside of the remaining hole in the fitting that rests on the ground. Insert the final piece of 36-inch pipe into the glued opening to complete the clothes rack’s base. Set the base in a sunny window and let it dry for a few hours.

Step 5

Rim the bottom of each upright pipe with glue and insert them into each side of the base. Press the upright all the way down into the base and let the glue set up. Slip your pooch’s wardrobe onto the hangers and hang them up on your new doggy clothes rack.

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