Instructions for Building a Dog Run

Use chain-link fencing to build a dog run.
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A dog run provides a safe environment for your dog to run and play while still contained. You can customize your run to the needs of your dog by adding additional features, like a roof. This design creates a simple 10-foot by 15-foot chain-link run.

Step 1

Measure the 10-foot by 15-foot perimeter of your dog run and mark the ground with a chalk line. For support posts, mark the center point of the 15-foot lines with a flag or spray-paint mark.

Step 2

Use a shovel or post hole digger to dig a 30-inch-deep hole for each corner post about 8 inches round and wider at the bottom than the top. Dig holes for the support post that are about 6 inches round and 18 inches to 24 inches deep.

Step 3

Mix your concrete in the bucket or wheelbarrow by following the directions on the bag. Center each post in its hole and fill the hole with concrete, making sure the post is straight. Allow the concrete to come up over the top rim of the hole and use a trowel to angle the concrete away from the pole.

Step 4

Install the gate posts on one of the 10-foot sides of your run by following the gate's enclosed instructions. It is very important to follow the directions carefully so your gate will properly latch.

Step 5

Install the chain-link fence connection hardware on all the posts and attach the top rail all the way around the run.

Step 6

Roll out the chain-link fence fabric along the outside of your fence posts. Attach the fabric to a corner post first, then work your way to the next post using the fencing wire to attach the fencing to the top rail and support posts. Make sure that the chain-link fabric is pulled tightly.

Step 7

Spread a thick layer of rocks along the bottom of the chain link fence on the inside of the run. These rocks will close any gaps between the ground and the fence and will help to deter your dog from digging under the fence.

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