How to Make a Reflective Dog Vest

Make a plain vest reflective for dog safety.

Make a plain vest reflective for dog safety.

It gets hard for drivers to see animals walking along the road when it gets dark. However, you can make sure your dog is easy to see from cars passing by at night by making him a reflective vest. Some simple embellishments transform an ordinary vest into a safety vest.

Self-Adhesive Reflective Tape

Measure across the collar and shoulder area of the vest.

Cut a strip of reflective tape to the length you just measured.

Peel the backing off the reflective tape and stick it to the vest right where you measured.

Repeat the measuring, cutting, peeling and sticking two more times. Put one strip of reflective tape right in the center of the vest and another along the hemline.

Stitched Reflective Tape

Measure across the vest at the collar line, in the center, and at the hemline.

Cut a strip of sew-on reflective tape for each measurement and pin the strips to the vest, right where you measured..

Set the sewing machine to make a straight stitch, and topstitch the reflective tape to the vest 1/8 of an inch from the tape's edge. Slowly sew along both edges of the tape to make sure it is secure.

Remove the pins and trim off loose threads before your dog wears the vest.

Items you will need

  • Ruler
  • Plain dog vest in your dog's size
  • Scissors
  • 3 feet of 1-inch-wide, adhesive-backed, high-visibility reflective tape (option 1)
  • 3 feet of 1-inch-wide sew-on high-visibility reflective tape (option 2)
  • Sewing machine (option 2)
  • Straight sewing pins


  • If you have leftover reflective tape, consider adding it to your dog's collar or to your own clothing.


  • Do not hit the straight pins with your sewing machine's needle, as the impact can break the machine's needle and mess up your sewing machine's timing.

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