How to Wean a Cat Off of Soft Food

Dry cat food is often cheaper but less nutritious than canned food.
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Feeding your cat a nutritious diet is essential for keeping him happy and healthy. Since many of the important nutrients your cat needs is found in canned food, always consult a veterinarian before weaning him completely off of soft food.

Cats have sensitive digestive systems that make transitions between foods challenging. Weaning a cat off of soft food is a process that must be carried out gradually to avoid intestinal and digestive problems.

Gradual Transition

Step 1

Introduce your cat to dry food by crushing it into crumbs and sprinkling it over the soft food for several feedings. When you are ready to begin the transition, give your cat 75 percent soft food mixed with 25 percent dry food for the first three days.

Step 2

Increase the amount of dry food and decrease the amount of soft food given every three days until you are feeding your cat only dry food. For example, give your cat 50 percent soft food mixed with 50 percent dry food for days 4 through 6. On the seventh day, increase the amount of dry food so that the ratio is 75 percent dry and 25 percent soft.

Step 3

On the 10th day, feed your cat 100 percent dry food.

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