How to Wash a Dog Bed

Like humans, dogs enjoy sleeping on clean bedding.
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Grit, hair and even fleas or ticks can lurk inside your dog’s bedding. Washing his bed every few weeks, or more if he spends a lot of time outdoors, reduces allergens, filth and insects inside your house. The material and style of your dog’s bed determine the most effective washing procedure.

Step 1

Shake your dog’s bed outside, and use a fresh lint roller to remove hair from the surface. Loose dog hair will rinse off and reattach during the wash cycle, or clog the lint screen in the dryer.

Step 2

Unzip the outer material cover and turn it right-side out before placing it inside the washing machine. If the interior bed is made of foam or synthetic filling, place it inside the washing machine.

Step 3

Add a mild, perfume-free detergent. Choose a detergent labeled as, “scent-free” or “sensitive skin.” The perfumed detergent you use for human laundry can irritate your dog’s skin, leading to itching, eczema and hives.

Step 4

Wash the bedding and the outer cover on a gentle wash cycle with cool water. A normal wash cycle and hot water can disfigure, shrink or melt parts of the bed.

Step 5

Tumble dry the bed and covering on low-heat with a perfume-free dryer sheet. The dryer sheet reduces static electricity, which decreases the amount of hair that sticks to the bed.

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