How to Care and Clean for Cedar Dog Beds

Cedar shavings help reduce doggy odors and repel bugs.
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Cedar shavings offer your dog a nice level of fluff while repelling fleas and other pests. Beds that unzip and allow you to remove the cedar work best. Cedar-filled beds aren't ideal for pups who aren't potty trained, so wait till your pal's housebroken to introduce this type of bedding.

Step 1

Place a sheet or blanket over your cedar dog bed. Not only does this add a plush layer for your pooch, it cuts down on cedar bed care. It's far easier to wash a removable bed cover than to wash your cedar bed.

Step 2

Take the blanket or sheet outside and give it a good shake before you wash it. This will help eliminate some of the excess fur prior to washing.

Step 3

Wash the blanket or sheet covering your dog bed as needed. Follow the item's care instructions regarding water temperature and drying method. While regular washing of the bed cover means less frequent bed washing, you'll need to clean the bed if your pup pees or vomits or if the cedar bed gets that doggy smell.

Step 4

Unzip the dog bed and remove the cedar shavings when you need to wash the permanent bed cover.

Step 5

Pre-treat urine or vomit stains using a laundry stain removal product. Launder the bedding material in your washing machine, again following the care instructions on the care label.

Step 6

Give the cedar shavings the sniff test to see if they need replacing. When the cedar odor has faded, replace the shavings with fresh ones. If your pup had an accident in the bed, it's better to replace the shavings than try to get the smell out. Find cedar shavings at your local pet store.

Step 7

Pour the cedar chips back in the dog bed when it's clean and dry.

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