How to Use a Slicker Brush on Yorkies

Even yorkies with short hairstyles benefit from from a slicker brush.

Even yorkies with short hairstyles benefit from from a slicker brush.

With proper grooming, your Yorkshire terrier's silky, glossy coat parts easily and is free of snares and tangles. But achieving this state requires daily brushing to remove dead hair and prevent knotting. The closely set, narrow pins on a slicker brush untangle your yorkie's fine hair without breaking the strands or causing him any pain.

Set your yorkie in a spot where you can hold his body in place, such as the top of a table or your lap. Your yorkie's hair naturally parts at his spine, so begin brushing at the base of his tail in a downward motion with smooth, gentle strokes. Your brushing pressure should be firm enough to catch dead hair below the surface of his coat, but light enough so the needles of the slicker brush won't scrape his skin.

Run the slicker brush gently from the top of his hip down to his feet until you've removed all the tangles and your strokes feel completely fluid. Work toward his head on one side of his body using the same vertical brushing strokes. If the slicker brush meets a painful tangle, use a pin brush with a few drops of dog conditioner to remove the knot. Slicker brushes are designed for maintenance and gentle detangling, not removing severely snarled fur. Praise your yorkie and offer a treat before moving on to the next section.

Brush your yorkie's chest and the top of his head, but leave the area around his face to a fine-toothed comb. Slicker brushes have a wide base, and, given the small size of your yorkie's face, you don't want one of the sharp needles accidentally poking him in the eye. Offer another treat and rotate his body before repeating steps one and two on his alternate side. Clip and bathe your tiny pooch immediately afterward.

Items you will need

  • Slicker brush
  • Pin brush
  • Conditioner


  • If your yorkie's hair has lots of snarls and tangles, brush him with a pin brush before using a slicker brush.
  • If your yorkie doesn't have any heavily knotted areas but you haven't brushed him in several few days, spray his coat lightly with a mixture of conditioner and water before using either a slicker or pin brush. Lubricating the strands will help the brush move smoothly through his hair.


  • Never attempt to brush solid mats with any type of comb or brush, including a slicker brush. Unlike tangles, the hair in a mat has coalesced with dirt and oil to create a hardened chunk. These can happen easily if you don't regularly brush your yorkie. In such cases, only a professional groomer is qualified to shave off the mats.

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