Types of Yorkie Haircuts for Yorkshire Terriers

Use a bow to keep her hair out of her food bowl.

Use a bow to keep her hair out of her food bowl.

The long silky coat of your small Yorkshire terrier makes it big on grooming requirements. If you don’t want to spend more time each day on her hair than you do on yours, get your groomer to give her a Yorkie haircut that suits your lifestyle and not the American Kennel Club.

Long Coat

If you intend showing your girl, you will have to keep her silky locks long. When her hair grows beyond floor-length, the groomer will stand her on a table and let the hair fall from one edge of the table, and cut it just below the floor line, then repeat on the other side. The groomer will also trim the hair around the feet and between her pads and on the tips of her ears. These are not measures you should try at home.

Puppy Cut

Yorkshire terriers are well suited to the puppy cut, which, if you don’t intend to show your girl, is an attractive and low-maintenance option. It is an all-over trim to an even length of the head, ears, body and legs. This reduces the amount of daily grooming and the amount of twigs and dirt she will collect when you are out walking and playing.

Modified Schnauzer Cut

Another popular Yorkie cut is the modified Schnauzer cut. The groomer trims the coat short on the torso but leaves it longer on the tail and legs. The top of the head is trimmed short, but the lower part of the face is trimmed with the traditional Schnauzer style mustache and long beard. You can ask for other modifications to suit you and your Yorkie.

Modified Westie Cut

The Westie cut is the style most often used on West Highland white terriers, and the modified Westie is regarded as a Yorkie cut. The groomer combs back and trims the hair on top of the head and around the eyes. Beginning at the top of the neck, the body is trimmed short and the fur on the outside is left long, with high arches where the leg joins the body to give a long-legged effect. The belly and the insides of the legs are trimmed short.

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