Traditional Puppy Cuts

This Maltese puppy benefits from a low-maintenance puppy cut.
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Long-haired dogs need frequent grooming to stay neat and free of mats and tangles. For a wash-and-wear style that reduces grooming needs, you can give your pal a traditional puppy cut. If you have no show plans, your pooch can keep his easy-care, cuddly look right into adulthood.

Standard Puppy Cut

For a puppy cut, your groomer cuts your little buddy's hair the same length all over. The fur is usually clipped to 2 inches or less, making brushing and upkeep between trims a snap. Groomers may also call this a “kennel cut.” If you take your pal to a professional groomer, be sure to specify how short you want the coat to be.

Teddy Bear Trim

If you want your pal to look as cute and cuddly as a child’s stuffed bear, ask your groomer for a teddy bear trim. The groomer clips the body fur to the short length you desire, but leaves the legs full and round. The hair around the face is also left round and full. This cut requires a bit more maintenance than the standard puppy cut does, so you should plan on touch-ups every six to eight weeks.

Lamb Trim

The lamb trim looks a bit like the teddy bear trim, but the fur on the legs and face is cut a bit shorter. The body fur is usually clipped shorter as well, making this a nice cut for the summer months. The shorter fur means minimal upkeep, making this a good all-purpose cut for busy owners of long-haired dogs. Like the teddy bear trim, the lamb trim requires visits to the groomer every six to eight weeks.

Summer Cut

If you’re worried about your heavy-coated dog getting too hot during the summer months, you can choose a summer cut to remove much of the weight of your dog’s hair. All of his hair is clipped very short, with the possible exception of the ears and the tail. You can also mix this cut with a different head style. For example, you might try a teddy bear head style with a summer cut.

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