Trimming the Fur on the Feet of a Bichon

Maybe you chose the Bichon Frise for his adorable fluffy, white coat or because he's not much of a shedder, or maybe it was just love at first sight. Either way, now you must keep his continuously growing coat groomed and mat-free, including his feet.


Grooming a Bichon's feet requires a few basic tools available at any pet supply store. For brushing and removing mats, a pin brush and metal comb work best. Then, trimming the hair requires a sharp pair of grooming shears or scissors. Let a groomer do this, and ask her to show you how.


The Bichon has an undercoat that is soft and dense, while the outercoat consists of a coarser and curlier texture according to the American Kennel Club website. Brush the outercoat of each foot with the pin brush. Follow up by combing the pup's feet with a metal comb. If you find a mat, hold the hair tight at the skin and work the mat out by starting to untangle the ends of the matted hair and working toward the skin, careful not to hurt your pup.


Grasp grooming shears in your dominant hand. While the Bichon is standing, lift your four-legged friend’s foot off the table and hold his foot in your free hand with the pad facing up. Carefully trim the long hair around each pad, making it level with the pad. Also, trim the hair between his toes evenly. Next, comb the hair straight up and out on the foot. Hold the scissors down at a 45 degree angle. Trim the hair around the edges of his foot in a circular or rounded pattern. Leave the hair the same length on the foot as the hair on the leg. The leg should look like a pedestal or post. Repeat the process on the front and rear feet.


Teaching your pup to stand for grooming at an early age helps prepare him for having his feet trimmed. When trimming the feet, do not shave the top or cut the fur close to the skin on a Bichon Frise. This gives the Bichon the look of a poodle. Brush your pup's fur at least once a week to keep his coat healthy and mat-free.

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