Trimming the Backsides of Persian and Himalayan Cats

Long-haired cats need your help to keep their rears clean.
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While the long hair on your Persian or Himalayan cat is soft and luxurious, an unintended consequence is that it can trap poop. When Kitty uses the litter box, some fecal matter can cling to her long hair. Trimming her backside keeps it clean and sanitary.

Step 1

Check out Kitty's rear end before you trim. Persians and Himalayans can get poop stuck to the fur in their rear end; cleaning it up keeps your kitty healthy. If you find poop, use a warm washcloth to wipe it away. The skin underneath could become infected if you don't remove the fecal matter. When Kitty's rear end is poop-free, you may cut the hair down there.

Step 2

Stabilize your cat with one hand or by clipping a leash to her collar and tying the leash to something. It's important that Kitty stay still when you trim her backside. If someone else is home, ask them to hold the cat.

Step 3

Remove the excess fur with scissors or an electric clipper. If using clippers, turn on the clipper unit and push the blade up, against the direction of fur growth. This removes excess hair. If using scissors, grasp a section of hair and hold it out. Clip back the hair, taking care not to cut the skin.

Step 4

Work around both sides of Kitty's rear end. When you finish, the a step back and inspect Kitty's backside. If you missed a spot, trim it with scissors or clippers.

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